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Welcome to Brinsworth Howarth Primary School

Here at Brinsworth Howarth we pride ourselves on being a welcoming school with children who love learning and feel happy, safe and secure. We believe that developing the whole child and valuing all talents is crucial and therefore we offer a curriculum that aims to develop the core subjects of English, Maths and Science but which is enriched with creativity and intertwined with the wider subject areas of Art, Dance/PE, Drama, DT, ICT, RE, History and Geography. The personal development of our children is paramount to their learning and growing as young people and this is a thread that runs through the whole curriculum from EYFS to Y6.


We value parents and carers as the greatest source of information about their child and strive to work in partnership with all parents/carers.  We welcome all parents/carers, to come into school to discuss any concerns calmly, and to make an appropriate appointment, to ensure that quality time is given. We will always keep parents/carers informed of their child’s progress and development and should concerns arrive, we will discuss this with you immediately and work together to support your child with their learning and/or development.


We want to inform you as much as we can about the curriculum and what we are trying to achieve.


What Brinsworth Howarth Primary School Can Offer Your Child:


  • A wide and creative curriculum

  • Exciting learning experiences

  • A dedicated staff who care deeply about your child’s academic and personal development

  • Regular communication about your child’s curriculum and their progress and development

  • Good and Outstanding quality first teaching

  • A graduated response to any learning or development needs

  • A wide range of sporting and out of school opportunities to develop skills other than academic areas

  • Visiting teachers who teach Guitar and Violin

  • Schools Council


Why Not Find Out For Yourself?


To arrange a visit, please feel free to contact the School Office at any time.


We want the best education and care for all pupils at Brinsworth Howarth Primary School

Our Vision, Aims and Values

Through our shared school vision ‘Growing Together’ which places respect and community at the heart of our ethos, we instil a strong set of values in all of our pupils. Pupils demonstrate courtesy and respect for one another and try to ensure that every member of the school community is considered. Older pupils act as positive role models for their younger peers and mutual respect is highly evident. Pupils are extremely respectful, they hold doors open for adults and greet visitors warmly.

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